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假如产后期恢复的不好,生完孩子后的10年、20年,以至更久,身体状态可能都会不尽如人意,而且还可能还落下一些病根,所以,产后恢复很重要,产后 6个月内都是产后恢复的黄金时期,这段时间一定要好好把握时机,对身体进行全面的恢复。
If the postpartum recovery is not good, 10, 20 years after the birth of a child, or even longer, the state of the body may be unsatisfactory, but may also fall some of the root causes, so, postpartum recovery is very important, after consumption 6 months are the golden period of postpartum recovery, this period must be well seized, to stop comprehensive recovery of the body.
1. 心理
1. psychology
After the birth of a child, the family will put more attention on the baby, many times neglected the care of postpartum mothers, coupled with changes in postpartum hormone levels, postpartum depression or mood instability is easy to present. At this time, postpartum mothers must communicate with their families more, actively adjust their mentality and stick to a good mood. Hello, baby can be good!
2. 腹直肌别离
2. Separation of rectus abdominis
Postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation, abdominal wall panic, but can not quickly restore to the original position and shape, excess fat will accumulate in the abdomen protrusion, eventually led to the episode of rectus abdominis separation, showing a phenomenon of abdominal loosening. Separation of home exercise and electrical stimulation is the best way to improve the separation of rectus abdominis.
3. 耻骨结合别离
3. Separation of pubic Union
孕期随着激素程度的变化,盆底两耻骨之间的间隙可增宽 2~3 mm,假如间隙超越 10 mm时,即呈现耻骨结合别离,发作疼痛。研讨发现,电刺激结合生物反应能从基本上处理耻骨结合别离弛缓解疼痛。
With the change of hormone level during pregnancy, the gap between the pelvic floor and the pubic bones can be widened by 2-3 mm. If the gap exceeds 10 mm, the pubic bones will be separated and pain will occur. The study found that electrical stimulation combined with biological response can basically deal with pubic separation and relieve pain.
4. 妊娠纹
4. striae gravidarum
The appearance of striae gravidarum makes postpartum mothers feel very unable, if allowed to carry out, the belly may become more and more ugly. Electrical stimulation can help to dilute striae gravidarum and deal with the difficult problem of postpartum recovery.
5. 肌肉酸痛
5. Muscle soreness
Muscle soreness makes mothers feel more tired when they take their babies. Electrical stimulation therapy separated massage can bring great help to Baomao people and relieve pain and disturbance.
Postpartum recovery is critical, but it can not be achieved in a short time. It requires long-term perseverance and efforts. May every postpartum woman recover to her best health!
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