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One to three months before postpartum recovery is the most fragile period of women's psychology and physical weakness. The recovery of this period is related to life-long well-being. Experts have found that many diseases of Chinese women are hidden dangers left by incomplete postpartum recovery, while traditional Chinese family-style "sitting on the moon" advocates "eating big and resting", which has many disadvantages for the recovery of maternal health.
In detail, postpartum recovery should include the following three connotations:
1. To stop the effective repair of the injured body caused by pregnant consumption;
2. Remove the hindrance of post-partum sub-well-being in a timely manner;
3. Apply the golden period of postpartum to stop the comprehensive conditioning of one's physique and skin, so as to make the body reach the best equilibrium state as soon as possible.
Postpartum recovery is divided into three important stages
1. Golden Period: 42 days to 6 months after delivery, which belongs to the golden period of postpartum recovery. At this time, the postpartum body is the most vulnerable, and all the body indicators are in a serious imbalance. If during this period, Qi and blood can not be restored, the residual toxins can not be effectively eliminated, and it is easy to delay the deterioration of various diseases.
2. Ideal period: within 6 months to 1.5 years after delivery, it belongs to the ideal recovery period for postpartum women. After the recovery of the golden period, the toxin has been completely eliminated, and the recovery of its own Qi and blood has been fundamentally completed. It is the best opportunity to recover the injury of the body.
3. Validity period: within one and a half to three years after delivery, it belongs to the end stage of female postpartum recovery. At this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be stopped so as to achieve the best balance of body functions and smooth transition to the normal life stage.
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