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There are three times in a woman's life when she can adjust her body shape: menarche, postpartum and menopause. More important is the postpartum stage, according to queries, hormones and other estrogens in women can increase the number of women who have experienced the process of fertility by 10 years.
During this period, a woman's body is like an open door, which can discharge excess water and toxins accumulated for a long time before delivery, and then nourish your body properly to make you healthier.
If you don't have good maintenance during this period, it will leave danger to your body. Therefore, this period of time, also known as a woman's second life!
Why postpartum recovery?
Postpartum 1-3 months is a period of weaker mind and weaker physiology for women. The recovery of this period will directly affect the maternal life-long health.
Medical experts have found that many of the illnesses of women in China are due to the risk of postpartum recovery.
Inquiries from world institutions show that lack of maintenance after childbirth will make it difficult for women to recover. The incidence of breast pain, hair loss and constipation is as high as 22%, the share of dizziness and headache increases by 30.5%, gastrointestinal discomfort increases by 16.5%, and palpitation increases by 22.7%; the more serious is all kinds of distress, which increases by about 30%. Poor postpartum recovery causes various sequelae, which has a great impact on lifelong health.
Postpartum recovery mainly includes the following four aspects:
1. Basic dispatching: fundamentally dispatching the human body's constitution, restoring the work ability of Qi and blood, ensuring the necessary supply for postpartum recovery, so as to achieve a better balance of constitution. Such as dredging channels and dredging collaterals.
2. Removing blood stasis and detoxification: eradicate the residual toxins in postpartum body, open the normal metabolic pathway of human body, eliminate the risk of postpartum problems and ensure postpartum health. For example, remove residual milk.
3. Body shape recovery: recovery of body damage, recovery of body shape. Avoid the spread of all kinds of body damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth process, so as to restore the body to the pre-pregnancy level. Except for striae gravidarum.
4. Physical recovery: restoring organs affected by pregnancy, labor and milk, restoring their functions while restoring organs, so that the human body reaches dynamic balance. If the uterus retro.