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The structure of human body is self-adjustable and can accomplish different important tasks in different life periods. So there are three times in a woman's life that she can adjust her body shape: menarche, postpartum and menopause.
The most important thing is the postpartum period. According to the survey, hormones and other estrogens in women can add 10 years to the life span of women who have experienced the process of fertility.
I. Women's Second Life Blooming
During childbirth, a woman's body is like an open door, which can remove the excess water and toxins accumulated for a long time before childbirth (which is also the main reason for postpartum obesity), and then make your body healthier by proper nourishment.
During this period, you can effectively improve your physical condition, but if you don't take good care of yourself during this period, it will leave a hidden danger to your body. Therefore, this period of time is also referred to as the second life of a woman!
If your first life is not perfect, let's compensate for it by the second life. If your first life is perfect, let's make our second life more wonderful.
2. Why do we need postpartum rehabilitation?
Postpartum 1-3 months is the most fragile period of women's psychology and physical weakness. The recovery of this period will directly affect the maternal life-long health.
Medical experts have found that many of the diseases of women in China are due to the hidden danger of postpartum recovery.
According to the survey by the world authoritative body, lack of recuperation after delivery will make it difficult for maternal physique to recover. The incidence of breast pain, alopecia and constipation is as high as 22%. The proportion of dizziness and headache is 30.5%. Gastrointestinal discomfort is 16.5%. Palpitations are 22.7%. The most serious is all kinds of painful diseases, which add about 30%. Poor postpartum rehabilitation causes various sequelae, which has a great impact on lifelong health.
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