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Our country's past experience of sitting on the moon shows that pregnant mothers who have just given birth do not recommend eating too many fruits, because we all think that fruits are cool things, pregnant mothers eat too much and fall ill simply. In fact, this is not the case. Postpartum pregnant mothers can not only eat raw fruits, but also eat raw fruits for pregnant mothers have the following advantages:
1. Postpartum fruit consumption can prevent constipation of pregnant mothers and infants
We all know that constipation is a very painful job, if pregnant mothers often can eat fresh fruit, then it will solve this problem, because many fruits contain cellulose, can help new mothers to regulate gastrointestinal function, useful prevention and treatment of constipation.
2. Assisting the Rehabilitation of Pregnant Mothers
Fruit is a very useful food in postpartum rehabilitation. Because there are many nutrients in fruits, including minerals, vitamins, cellulose and so on, eating fruits after childbirth can make up for the nutrition of the body, so that the body can recover to the best condition.
3. Fruit-bearing can assist in child-rearing
Fruit can also regulate the appetite of new mothers, enhance their appetite, assist in breastfeeding, so that new mothers in raising their babies more satisfactory. So postpartum mothers eating fruit not only have great advantages for pregnant mothers, but also for babies.
However, as the center of mothers, we recommend pregnant mothers to eat fruits after childbirth. But there is an old saying in our country. Although fruits are good, pregnant mothers still need to eat them in moderation and selectively. They must not overeat fruits. And when choosing fruits, we should avoid cold fruits, such as watermelon, honey pomelon, watermelon and pear.
There is also a special reminder that pregnant mothers should not eat fruits for two weeks before and after pregnancy, as long as attention is paid to other moments, and then pay attention to the types of fruits can be determined to eat fruits, I wish all pregnant mothers good health and early recovery of pre-pregnancy conditions.
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