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It is generally known that "sitting on the moon" should enhance nutrients to restore the physical energy expended during labor and provide high-quality milk for babies, so all the good things are taken out. In fact, during this period, eating is very knowledgeable, not the more you eat, the better. What are the hazards of overnutrition in pregnant mothers?
Cause fetal hypertrophy
If the pregnant mother has excessive nutrients, it is easy to show fetal enlargement, which can cause symptoms such as fetal malposition, natural difficulties, operation rate addition, postpartum hemorrhage, and also lead to labor difficulties, and fetal mortality increased significantly. The health of the pregnant mother is directly related to the health of the baby, so it is necessary for the pregnant mother to have a scientific diet.
There are many complications.
Excess nutrients of pregnant mothers tend to show weight gain. When the weight gain is too fast during pregnancy, it will increase the burden on the heart and liver of pregnant mothers, resulting in high blood sugar of pregnant mothers, slow recovery of ovarian function during puerperium and other diseases. There are some faults in the old generation's concept of sitting on the moon. It is necessary for us to abandon these faults in order to sit on the moon well.
Cause obesity
The main reason for excess nutrients is satiety. If a pregnant woman eats too much protein for a long time, it will lead to obesity. It may also destroy the balance of nutrients in the body, affect the normal absorption of calcium, the remaining protein will be converted into fat, promote body fat. Every pregnant mother wants to have a good figure, so she must control her diet to prevent postpartum obesity.
Excess nutrients in pregnant mothers can also cause mental retardation, lower limb edema and other symptoms, so we need to attach great importance to it. Pregnant mothers don't eat as much as they can.
Adequate energy, adequate protein, fat, rich inorganic salts, vitamins and water should be supplemented. Energy is the condition to ensure lactation. Lack of heat energy will reduce lactation by 40%-50%. Food should be mainly composed of dairy products, eggs, cereals and vegetables with appropriate amount of fat, sugar and fruit.
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