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Postpartum Rehabilitation Teacher Training: Modern postpartum mothers need to carry out postpartum rehabilitation, whether it is spontaneous delivery or cesarean section. Most urban women in today's world have a more open vision and healthy lifestyle concept.
Dietary maintenance during puerperium and during pregnancy are very important. In addition to dietary maintenance, postpartum exercise is also essential. So what kinds of exercises should be prepared in advance for postpartum rehabilitation?
Walk at least 5,000 steps a day. This is a very beneficial aerobic exercise for cardiopulmonary function, and it is also the easiest exercise to adhere to after pregnancy.
Walking can speed up the blood circulation in the body, and insist on vigorously promoting the old and bringing forth the new. This is very helpful for the weight management during pregnancy and the recovery of postpartum figure. If there are no complications after childbirth, the mother of spontaneous labor can get out of bed and walk on the day of parturition. Therefore, walking is the earliest movement after childbirth.
In water, buoyancy of water can reduce the influence of gravity on human body, especially to help reduce the pressure of growing fetuses on pelvic floor tissue, and to restore pelvis and its surrounding ligaments and uterus. Besides, swimming is a relaxing sport.
Moreover, swimming can increase the coordination of the body and reduce sports injuries, so it is also a very suitable exercise for pregnant women to adhere to, and can reduce the weight gain of pregnant women, the body becomes clumsy, coordination decline, poor sense of balance caused by possible accidents.
Yoga breathing and exercises about the flexibility and flexibility of the body's muscle tissue can keep women's bodies young and alive. Especially for women under working pressure, if they do yoga training at least 3-5 times a week, they will recover quickly from postpartum body shape, skin and body flexibility, and the effect is more significant.
As we all know, in addition to the different dietary structure and living rules, the degree and speed of postpartum rehabilitation are directly related to each mother's body according to her exercise habits.
Postpartum rehabilitation is good, not only refers to the body can recover the past slim, but also includes the various organs of the body can recover well on schedule, and the sooner the postpartum rehabilitation, the better.