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产后3个月是女性心理和生理最脆弱的时期,在坐月子期间如果不能得到很好的产后护理,就很容易落下很多的疾病,并且月子病在出了月子之后就不容易治疗那么产妇坐月子期间要注意克服一些“误区" :?
Postpartum 3 months is the most vulnerable period of women's psychology and physiology. If we can't get good postpartum care during the sitting period, we can easily fall down with many diseases. And it's not easy to treat the disease after the birth of the month. So during the sitting period, we should pay attention to overcome some "misunderstandings":?
1. The later you get out of bed, the better.
Maternal need to rest at the same time should exercise properly. Early out of bed after delivery is not only conducive to lower limb blood evolution and drainage, but also to abdominal muscle exercise, early recovery of the original contractility, promote the recovery of the elasticity of basin and perineum muscles, which is beneficial to the recovery of postpartum life.
2. No shampooing or bathing
The misconception during the period of sitting on the moon can't take a shampoo, especially in rural areas. People mistakenly believe that the puerpera can take a shampoo and a bath only after the full moon. This is not the case, because the puerpera has to sweat heavily during childbirth and often perspire after childbirth. With constant discharge of lochia and secretion of milk, it is easier for pathogens to invade. Bath can be taken two or three days after delivery, but shower is better than tub bath.
3. Don't eat salt while sitting on the moon.
Traditionally, you can't eat salt, jealousy or any cold food when sitting on the moon. Even fruit must be heated before eating. In fact, this is a wrong idea. After childbirth, mothers need a lot of salt and water to supplement their physical strength. Vinegar and cold food can constrict blood vessels and reduce postpartum hemorrhage.
4. Can't brush your teeth
After pregnancy, or vitamin C intake is inadequate, women can have gingival congestion, edema, easy to bleed, especially when brushing teeth bleeding. In addition, the minerals of the teeth after pregnancy are often insufficient and their firmness is poor.
Therefore, it is wrong for many mothers not to brush their teeth during the month. Maternal should brush their teeth every morning and evening, if they can brush their teeth and gargle after each meal. It's better for health.