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Postpartum mothers become lax because they have just given birth to their babies. Weight loss is their first priority. But do you know that blind weight loss can lead to the following mistakes. Many mothers have made mistakes in postpartum weight loss, but they don't know it. They also think that their methods of weight loss are very smart. Next, Xiaobian will inform you what simple mistakes mothers make in postpartum weight loss.
Fault One: Crazy Dieting
Many mothers believe that postpartum weight loss can be achieved quickly by controlling their food intake, so they begin to go on a diet. Is dieting and losing weight really suitable for postpartum mothers? You know, babies consume too much energy for mothers. If they don't supplement enough energy after delivery, they will go on a crazy diet and lose weight, which is harmful to their health.
Moreover, diet and weight loss still have many hazards, such as affecting hormone metabolism, leading to postpartum menstrual disorders; lack of nutrients, leading to decreased immunity, affecting health; lack of nutrient absorption, leading to deterioration and roughening of skin; hormone excretion disorder in the body, simple osteoporosis; once recovered, normal; Eating simple rebound, etc.
In any case, it is not advisable to diet blindly and lose weight. Although postpartum tonic is not conducive to physical recovery, but maternal Qi and blood weakness, in order to quickly recover, appropriate nutrient supplement is still necessary. If you are breastfeeding, you need enough nutrients to ensure that your baby needs milk.
Fault No. 2: Eating Slimming Drugs
Once a mother told me that she took weight-loss pills because she did not have to force herself to resist the temptation of delicious food, nor did she have to work hard. Such an effortless method is naturally the first choice. Xiaobian wants to say "three poisons of medicine". Choose it carefully.
Slimming drugs are also medicines. They should not be eaten indiscriminately. They should also be taken under the guidance of doctors. Taking them indiscriminately will cause harm to the body. Slimming drugs generally have side effects, some of them will nausea, vomiting, heart rate acceleration, and even damage the liver and kidney. In addition, many weight-loss medicines contain laxatives, which can lead to the deterioration of gastrointestinal function and is not conducive to the normal metabolism of the maternal body. Once the drug is stopped, it simply regains its weight.
If postpartum mothers are still in lactation, they should not take weight-loss drugs. Because the drug through the milk, but also simply lead to the decline of the baby's liver function, affecting health.
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