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(1) Don't lose weight during the month
Women are in the weakest condition after childbirth and need plenty of rehabilitation. Therefore, in order to prevent health injury, mothers should not try to lose weight and recover in any way during the month.
(2) Begin to lose weight at 6 weeks postpartum according to their own conditions.
About six weeks after delivery, we can consider the weight-loss plan according to our own situation. On the premise of complete recovery and no need for breastfeeding, this stage can begin to lose weight through proper exercise and proper control of food intake.
(3) Proper weight loss after 2 months postpartum
当分娩满2个月且身体得到康复后,能够开始按部就班地减重了,能够恰当加大运动量,并削减必定食量,改善饮食 结构 。
After 2 months of delivery and physical recovery, we can begin to lose weight on a regular basis, increase exercise, reduce the necessary food intake and improve the diet structure.
(4) Four months postpartum can increase the strength of weight loss
Four months postpartum can moderately reduce food intake and moderately add exercise, and other can do some simple exercises specifically for the abdomen.
(5) Six months postpartum is the critical period for weight loss
Doctors point out that the first six months after childbirth are the golden time for women to lose weight. If they want to recover from postpartum arrogant postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum postpartum, they must make good use of this time, otherwise, once fat settles down steadily, it will be more difficult to lose weight later.
2. proper control of diet
After delivery, mothers need a longer period of recovery. Therefore, in order to ensure nutritional balance, it is necessary to exercise diet properly.
3. Targeted exercise
After delivery, mothers will inevitably lose shape, and the most important obese parts are the abdomen and buttocks and legs. After production, if you want to lose weight quickly, you must be targeted to do weight-loss exercises, focusing on these simple fat parts. However, sports should not be too intense, jumping such sports should be prevented as far as possible, can do more yoga, fast walking and other sports.
This is what the mothers in Shandong Province need to pay attention to after delivery. I hope that the above information can help you in your future life. If you want to know more, please click on our website: http://www.sdchanhou.com! ​