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Postpartum pore big how to do?
Postpartum pore coarseness is mostly caused by excessive oil secretion. Assuming that the mother herself belongs to oily skin, the phenomenon of pore coarseness will occur more briefly, but the pore coarseness is not marked as oily skin. Otherwise, higher temperature and humidity will also increase skin temperature and promote sebum secretion, so pore expansion in summer is much larger than in winter.
Health education:
1, according to the phase of the month, targeted supplements.
2. Starting from the third week, mothers can eat some food containing gelatin, such as pig's feet, chicken's feet, etc. to compensate for gelatin in order to slow down skin aging and lead to large pore. According to the constitution, choose the ear, papaya, fish glue, kiwi fruit, lemon, etc. Avoid staying up late and maintain a happy mood.
3. In addition to a cup of warm boiled water in the morning and evening, mothers are advised to choose a suitable cup of moonlight tea according to their constitution and drink it repeatedly in small sips.
4, correct postpartum skin care process: insist on using pure flower steamed water to spray face - skin care water - alone oil. (insist on replenishing water in the morning and evening and rubbing face with almond oil)
What are the types of skin?
Normal skin - soft, stable, smooth and delicate skin, sebum and water supply is satisfied, the surface is flawless, the color is smooth, the face and neck color is the same shade. The texture is smooth, the pores are not obvious, the sweat and sebum secrete smoothly, and the skin is healthy and shiny. Recommended: rose water, lavender flower water.
Dry skin - smooth texture lines, fine pore, skin surface cortex water too little, sebum secretion too little, easy to wrinkle, black spots, colorful, not suitable for long blisters, easy to make-up, not easy to take off makeup, after washing the skin has a sense of tightness and tingling. Suggested use: bitter orange flower, tremella water.
Mixed skin - mixed skin of the brain and nose easy to oil, easy to grow smallpox, cheek partial dry. Recommended: Chamomile Flower Water, lavender flower water.
Oily skin - sebum secretion is exuberant, shiny, moist all the year round, with the addition of age, the skin is prone to aging, pore thick, easy to produce blackheads, acne, clogging pore. Recommended: pepper, lotus water, sunflower flower water.
Loose skin can be divided into lack of water and oil. Skin epidermis thin, sebum membrane defect, easy to redness, itching, red blood, tingling. Recommended: Chamomile Flower Water, bitter orange flower water.
Jubilee post natal rehabilitation center
What are the principles of postnatal makeup?
Pregnancy and parturition, physical fitness changes, most of the daily use of clothing mothers are not suitable for the use of menstruation and lactation, these reasons lead to the mother in the face of monotonous skin after delivery, dark complexion, poor color. Mothers should not neglect themselves because they are too busy looking after babies.
1, to clean skin, skin care is the main, avoid fancy. Bao Baochang recognise her mother with a peculiar smell and a pleasant smell. Babies have a keen sense of smell, especially for their mothers. They can turn their heads precisely to their mothers. Mother's fair denounces the body's original odor. Babies who can't find their mother's original odor are reluctant to approach their mother. They are depressed and even cry, refuse to eat milk and sleep. This is very bad luck for their physical and mental health.
2, pay attention to the quality of cosmetics and avoid harmful ingredients. Some low-quality dressings, there are often some harmful ingredients seriously exceed the standard, such as: lead content exceeded the standard, lead absorbed by the mother into the milk, will damage the health of the baby.
3, avoid the influence of cosmetics. Each cosmetic product has a different degree of influence, and even leads to allergies and severe impact on beauty. The baby's skin is very delicate. It should be careful not to let the cosmetics damage the baby's skin.
4, natural truth. The costume should be natural and harmonious without leaving any trace. Daily dress should give people a generous, pleasant, fresh feeling; heavy make-up is suitable for occasions such as wedding banquet, dinner, acting and so on. No matter what makeup or makeup is, it must be natural and real.
5. Skin moisture comes mainly from the body, and the water in the body depends mainly on the internal regulation. The most important thing is to regulate the constitution.
Many women do not pay attention to postpartum maintenance, facial wrinkles appear prematurely, or wrinkles increase significantly, the first thing to think about is to go to the beauty shop for a variety of wrinkle surgery. But physician experts suggest that wrinkles are not necessarily a sign of aging, or a direct response to certain diseases in the body.
Wrinkles on the forehead - lateral wrinkles on the forehead are symbols of whether a person is diligent in thinking. Assuming that the wrinkles on the forehead are incoherent and wavy, such a person will soon have an uneasy state of mind, perhaps suffering from mental distress, and suffer from depression briefly. The way to deal with it: Massage your hands diligently to relieve your pressure. When you are free, massage your hands quietly in your forehead.
Eyebrow wrinkles - The wrinkles between two eyebrows are commonly called irritation wrinkles. When people concentrate on meditation or anger, there will be irritation wrinkles between two eyebrows. In addition, if it is under severe or heavy pressure, the angry lines will follow. Other, brow lines may also be a sign of bad sinus. The way to deal with it is ten sweet almonds per day. This kind of food is called the best nerve food.
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