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Postpartum Rehabilitation Join: During pregnancy, due to the huge demand for nutrients, pregnant mothers will become more or less obese and accumulate fat to satisfy the baby's nutrient supply. After giving birth to the baby, there will inevitably be some residual fat on the belly, and the original beautiful clothes can not be worn. At this time, weight loss has become a concern of BMW. Many fattening mothers expect to recover from postpartum and have a good postpartum figure. So what should they do?
1, light diet
Pregnant mothers in the postpartum weeks, the body will continue to discharge lochia, although the maternal needs some high nutrient substances to recover, but this time is not suitable for large supplements. Postpartum should first discharge the body contamination and then make up for nutrients, during which diet should be light, suitable for eating some food to promote the aging of the new, even if eating tonics should also choose such warm and tonic food as bird's nest. There are few activities in the month, and the food that is not easy to digest will gain a lot of weight. Even after the confinement of the confinement, mothers should control their own diet.
2, tie the abdominal belt.
After the birth of the child, the skin will relax, and there will be a stretch mark on the stomach or thigh. Tie an abdominal belt to help the recovery of postpartum body. BMW can buy some special abdominal belt for pregnant mothers. When using it, the abdomen is bound by a curve from bottom to top, which can play a supporting role in plasticity. When she was sleeping, she could also bind herself on her body and unconsciously recovered her loose skin.
3. Moderate activities
Mothers are not suitable for housework during the confinement period. Heavy housework may result in fatigue. Maternal women can choose the right amount of light exercise to do, half a month after the birth of a child, pregnant mothers can do some simple abdominal movement. Mothers can walk indoors and do some slow movements, which can help to reduce fat and shape. After the month, mothers can choose their favorite aerobic exercise. Dancing and jogging are good choices. Exercise must be persevered, so long as we persist for a long time, we will gain an obvious weight loss effect
4. Enough sleep.
Sleep is very important for people's physical conditioning. It can eliminate people's tired feeling and relieve people's daily pressure. After a long period of sleep, the immunity of pregnant mother will decrease and the probability of illness will increase. Sleep also affects people's innovation. People who sleep less will become more lazy to exercise and accumulate more body fat. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep if you want to recover.
5, often give the baby lactation.
Parturient often breastfeed their children. If they are not properly protected, they may cause breast ptosis. Mothers can massage their breasts properly, which helps to restore the elasticity of breasts. Breast-feeding can regulate maternal endocrine, the body fat of pregnant mother into milk, both to feed the baby and recover.
Key points of postpartum rehabilitation knowledge for pregnant mothers
孕妈妈是?怀孕的妇女,是人类社会的一个身份,她们有一起的心思、生理特征,以及消费需求。孕妈妈怀孕期是需求加强养分的特别生理时期,由于胎儿生长发育所需的一切养分素均来自母体,孕妈妈自身需求为临产和分泌乳汁储藏养分素,所以,确保孕妈妈孕期养分状况保持正常关于妊娠进程及胎儿、婴儿的发育, 均有很重要的作用。
Pregnant mothers are? Pregnant women are an identity of human society, they have a common mind, physiological characteristics, and consumer demand. Pregnancy is a special physiological period in which nutrients need to be strengthened. Because all nutrients needed for the growth and development of the fetus come from the mother, the mother needs to store nutrients for parturition and lactation. Therefore, to ensure that the nutrient status of the pregnant mother during pregnancy remains normal with regard to the process of pregnancy and the development of the fetus and infant, It plays a very important role.
Postpartum refers to a period after birth. After childbirth, women lose a lot of nutrients, so during this period of time after childbirth, diet, nursing and rehabilitation are very important for women's postpartum rehabilitation.
康复,汉语词汇。拼音:huī fù。释义:1.使变成本来的姿态 2.重新得到[一切权或原职位] 3.伤病或疲惫之后身体康复。《明熹宗实录》:“天启二年八月(初六)己巳,……欲图康复必自各岛布置始,查得庙岛、龟矶岛、皇城岛为登莱之门户,兵将船舶之设谅登莱抚臣(袁可立)自有成算,毋容臣赘。”
Rehabilitation, Chinese vocabulary. Pinyin: Hu f. Interpretation: 1. Make the original posture 2. Re-acquire [ownership or original position] 3. Rehabilitate after injury or exhaustion. "Ming Xi Zong Shi Lu": "Apocalypse two years August (sixth day)" If you want to recover, you must start with the arrangement of the islands. Chadmiao Island, Guiji Island and Huangcheng Island are the portals of Denglai. Soldiers will forgive the ship for the Fuchen of Denglai (Yuan Keli) to make their own calculations, not to mention the ministers.
Soup noodles are a suitable diet for new mothers. They can either use noodles to serve soup, or make noodles or thin noodles to serve soup by themselves. It would be better if you could add two eggs and a proper amount of tomatoes.
Postpartum long spot long smallpox how to do?
1. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and E, such as cabbage, tomatoes, lemons, etc., to improve skin quality.
2. Do a good job of skin care, when you go out, you must change the sunscreen skin care products, maintain the skin, prevent the deepening of stains.
3. Avoid using oral contraceptives as far as possible. Avoid estrogen in the pills to make melanocytes active and form plaques, in which progesterone disperses the plaques.
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