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Many mothers do not dare to look at themselves in the mirror after giving birth, because they will face a series of problems, such as body fat, greasy skin, dirty, breast sagging, but complain that the world can handle the problem? What can be done to restore the bright light of early years? What are the ways to lose weight after delivery?
What does the arrival of babies bring to mothers? A follow-up study of 900 postpartum women aged 33 found that mothers who slept five hours a day gained an average of 10 kilograms when their children were one year old compared with women who slept more than seven hours a day.
Often crying, the need to feed several nights of small guys often make new mothers feel overwhelmed, and the lack of long-term sleep, sleep quality is not guaranteed, not only increase the weight of new mothers, but also lead to their physical, mental, pathological and other problems, want to restore the original beauty is more difficult to postpartum. It's hard!
Practice rules 1: Reasonably arrange your own and baby's sleep time, baby sleep time you rest; pull the husband to share, take the baby is not your own thing; choose professional postpartum beauty projects, regular maintenance, timely elimination of skin problems due to pregnancy; conditional can also choose the month Sub center, one-stop treatment of maternal and child care problems.
Practice rule two: remember to do pelvic floor muscle strength test after delivery. Pelvic floor muscle strength screening in Europe and the United States and other countries belong to the basic screening program, the purpose is to restore postpartum mother pelvic floor muscle function, advance the quality of life of women, so postpartum mothers must be active in the process of postpartum recovery pelvic floor recovery training. Post Jubilee rehabilitation center
Practice Rule 3: Pregnant mothers should know more about postpartum recovery before delivery. They can learn about all aspects of postpartum physical changes and do a good job of mental adjustment by participating in activities such as afternoon tea for pregnant mothers and maternal college. In addition, advocate that family members should also understand and support pregnant mothers, to give postpartum mothers a comfortable convalescent environment.
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